No Time to Search? Need More Research? We Can Help!

On request, the Research Team becomes your research team. Prospect Research Experts makes research available to CharityCAN subscribers on an "as needed" basis at a reduced hourly rate. Services include:

  • Conducting a CharityCAN search with results presented in Excel spreadsheet format 1
  • Verifying search results; adding contact and biographical information for top individual donor prospects 1
  • Preparing a wealth indicator report (containing contact, career, and wealth information) on an individual donor prospect (5 hours preparation time per report)
  • Introduction to Prospect Research training webinar (6 hour customized session with an instructor)
  • Understanding Prospect Wealth Information training webinar (4 hour customized session with an instructor)
  • Grant Writing Consultation

The above are sample services. The objective: to provide customized services.

For more information, or to place a research request, please contact Karen, Client Services Representative, Prospect Research Experts.

1 Preparation time varies based on search strategy and number of prospects/records researched.

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