Prospect Research

Prospect Research is the process of identifying, qualifying, and cultivating prospective donors to determine their capacity and propensity to donate. This is accomplished by investigating donors' philanthropic, financial, and biographical histories in order to gather a comprehensive profile before approaching an individual donor.

Highly specific research that has been tailored to individual prospects will inform and support an organization's fundraising strategies and outreach efforts, optimizing an organization's chances and increasing the support received from prospective donors.

Prospecting Resources

Save valuable time and energy by making CharityCAN the starting point for all of your Canadian prospect research projects.

With its extensive selection of prospecting resources, subscribers to CharityCAN have immediate access to a breadth and depth of information that stands unrivaled in the Canadian prospect research and fundraising community.

Perform detailed custom searches, export and print results, save searches, and cross-reference prospects within CharityCAN's individual databases or by using the powerful Integrated Search.

Integrated Search allows subscribers to enter a prospect's name and then see at a glance all resulting matches from CharityCAN's prospect and charity research databases.

Find out more about how CharityCAN's unique combination of datasets can set the stage for creating a complete prospect profile by contacting us or by reading more about each database and the information it contains below.

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