Donation Records Search

The world's largest searchable database of charitable donations

The Canadian Charitable Donations database offers prospect researchers and fundraisers exclusive access to NOZA Canada data, giving CharityCAN subscribers detailed information from over 7 million Canadian donation records.

NOZA is the world's largest searchable database of charitable donations and the leading prospect research tool used to quickly find information on the philanthropic history of individuals, foundations and corporations.

This dataset also includes the gifts to qualified donees from the Canada Revenue Agency: donations made by Canadian charitable organizations to other charitable organizations.

Past charitable donation history is often the most important indicator of future charitable donation intent, making the donation records data invaluable to fundraisers and prospect researchers.

The Canadian Charitable Donations database contains information that has been collected from publicly available internet sources. Canadian Charitable Donation records include information such as:

  • Donor name (individual, corporation or foundation)
  • Donation amount
  • Recipient of donation
  • Type of donation
  • Donation year
  • Recipient location
  • Link to public source where NOZA found the data

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