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CharityCAN offers in-depth information about Canada's 85,000 registered Charitable Organizations, Private Foundations, and Public Foundations. Canada Revenue Agency allows registered charities to issue tax receipts for donations. Users of this site will be able to search for, analyse, compare and rank Canada's registered charities, using, among other things, the last five years of financial statements for each of these 85,000 charities. CharityCAN is primarily a fee-based, subscription service. Click here for the full subscription pricing schedule.

CharityCAN provides a free, basic charity search. To use this feature please go to Free Charity Search. From any free, basic search result, users have the option of purchasing, online, one to five Detailed Reports of individual Canadian registered charities. To view samples of Detailed Reports, please go to Sample Reports.

Subscribers can search for Canadian charities by name and keyword. They can produce various lists of Canadian charities modified by geographic qualifiers, charity category qualifiers, and financial filters and ranking tools. From such lists subscribers can create Comparison Reports on sets of various charities. Users will further be able to generate a Detailed Report on any charity that results from a search or that appears on a list. These Detailed Reports contain five years of financial statement information on the charity, key ratios on the charity, and peer group comparisons. Please see Sample Reports. There is also a People search function.

CharityCAN also offers access to Noza Database-Canada. It contains over 4 million records of donations (from whom - to whom) made to Canadian charities. Please go to Noza for more information.

CharityCAN offers customized research and writing services through Prospect Research Experts. Please go to Research for more information.

Visitors seeking less analytical information and free information on Canadian charities are encouraged to go to our companion site, donorsguide.ca, to view the digital edition of the Canadian Donor's Guide, and to do basic searches for Canada's charities.

For whom is CharityCAN Charity Research intended

CharityCAN is intended for employees of organizations in a wide range of sectors who need to access information on Canada's 85,000 registered charities on a frequent basis in a timely manner. It is also intended for serious private donors and philanthropists, and their advisors, who wish to assess Canadian charities in depth. For more information please view the CharityCAN tutorial and refer to the full subscription pricing schedule.

For whom is CharityCAN's Prospect Research intended

CharityCAN's Prospect Research is intended for employees of fundraising organizations and private sector organizations wishing to do prospect research. Please see Noza for more details.

For whom is Consulting intended

For any CharityCAN subscriber requiring assistance with searches, or that wishes additional research information to be prepared. Examples of such research include: prospect research profiles, prospect research training, and grant writing. Please see Research for more information.

CharityCAN subscriptions

CharityCAN offers access to its site on an annual subscription basis, payable in advance, similar to a magazine subscription. The price for an annual subscription, as well as prices for multiple subscriptions taken out by a single entity, can be viewed at full subscription pricing schedule. To subscribe to CharityCAN please go to Register. For further assistance please contact us.

Subscribers that have Canada Revenue Agency-issued charitable registration numbers will have access to the Prospect Research data sources as part of their CharityCAN subscription at no additional cost. Subscribers that do not have charitable registration numbers and that wish to have access to the Prospect Research data sources will pay an additional subscription fee. Please see subscription pricing.

How to use CharityCAN

Please review the CharityCAN tutorial for a demonstration of how to use site, or contact us. Once you have subscribed to CharityCAN, licensees will have access to additional search tips and instructions.

Who publishes CharityCAN

Third Sector Publishing has developed and operates the CharityCAN web site. Please see Copyright and Terms of Use Agreement. Third Sector Publishing also publishes the Canadian Donor's Guide and ProspectPRIME. For a brief biographical sketch of CharityCAN personnel, please visit Third Sector Publishing's employee profile page.

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